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Building strong bonds within friendship

Strong bonds within friendship are built over time through your experiences together
Strong bonds within friendship are built over time through your experiences together
Kennedy Reed

The process of building strong bonds within friendship is one you should take very seriously. Friendship development is usually a series of experiences that lead into the understanding of who each person is within this friendship relationship. Most of the time what people want out of their friendships is someone who is loyal, trustworthy, and reliable but how do you measure these things when building a friendship?

Most of the time situations drive you into the direction of realizing who your real friends are throughout your life but as you become older the opportunities for natural events to occur become few and far in between. What do you do? Well there are several ways you can create specific types of situations to somewhat 'test-the-waters' of your friendship and learn how a friend responds in them.

The best first way to 'test' whether a friend is trustworthy is to tell them something in confidence and only tell them. You let them know that this is something that is only between the two of you and then leave it alone. Keep your awareness up because if it ever comes back to you then you know that person is not trustworthy. That is a true way to measure a friend's trustworthiness.

A way to find out if a person is loyal to you is to have a conversation with them about what your expectations are within your friendship whatever they may be. Verbalizing how you feel and making sure you each have a clear understanding about what you expect within the friendship is a clear way to create an understanding as to how each of you expect to be treated and when those things are not adhered to then it is also the best time to communicate some more about what is o.k. and what is not within your friendship.

Reliability is something many people struggle with and this one may not be so easily followed because the effort is worth much more than the act. A lot of people will struggle with being reliable but if they come through most of the time and let you know if plans change then they can be considered pretty reliable. Reliability is more subjective but most can show up when expected and those who are considerate will let you know if they can or cannot come through on previously arranged plans.

Ultimately, building strong bonds within friendship is a process that builds upon itself over time. It is very important to understand and value the importance of the relationship and how to measure whether you or your friends are doing what is necessary to keep your bonds strong and always growing.

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