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Building Perfect Pecs

push-up ladders

Often, unsatisfactory pec development is a result of either a) lack of sufficient pec musculature, or b) excess fat covering the chest area. Doing push-up ladder sets can address both issues.

Start by performing 10 push-ups. Rest for 20 seconds and then do 9 push-ups. Continue "Down the Ladder" until you get to 1 push-up.

Ways to increase intensity include:

• start higher up the ladder (more reps)

• elevate feet while doing push-ups

• stay in push-up position the entire time

Doing push-up ladder sets will help increase pec musculature while also boosting metabolism to incinerate fat stores. Push-up ladders are an excellent finishing move for a workout, or a great stand alone workout when crunched for time.


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