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Building off the Grid

Building off the Grid
Building off the Grid

With an Architectural engineering degree and completing over $1 billion dollars worth of commercial construction, one can definitely get burned out from the industry; however, after watching the special Building off the Grid on diy with Earthship Architect Mike Reynolds, there was a spark to rejuvenate the passion.

Watching a team with fifty (50) interns build a home from the foundation to the roof within four weeks, took me back to my Habitat for Humanity volunteer days. Although you volunteer your time, the knowledge and hands on experience is invaluable. The interns stated the experience is simply life changing.

From how to build a thermal wall out of tires and aluminum cans, to designing an air conditioning system with metal tubes were fascinating. Columns, fireplace, exhaust fan, lumber, solar panels, exposed stained glass, and let’s not forget the greenhouse which was amazing! With limited maintenance, can you image not having a water bill, electricity bill, and cutting your grocery bill to a fraction of the price?

Building off the Grid showed strategic planning, the importance to completing the project on time and within budget and it helps to be creative with the unforeseen circumstances.

What is more impressive is that Earthship does not just build in the United States, but their EarthShip Academy designs and builds around the world. If you missed the special, you can get the DVD, I posted it on my Pinterest ‘going green‘ board or visit Earthship’s website for all their upcoming projects, speaking engagements, etc.