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How to Build Muscle Naturally

There are three critical steps in order for you to build muscle naturally. Natural muscle is easier to put on than most people think. Supplements are really unnecessary if you follow these 3 pointers:

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1. Before you begin your weight lifting workout for the day, make sure you have sufficient energy available in your body's system. This includes vitamins, complex carbs, and some protein. You will need this energy to give your workout your all. Never workout on an empty stomach or if you are feeling sluggish or tired if you want to build muscle naturally.

2. You must be able to get out of your comfort zone and give 110% during your sets. Doing the movement is not enough. You can't just throw weights up or go through the motions or stop at 6-8 reps when you really have 4 more in you. You have to go to failure often, and you have to sustain this intensity for a duration of at least 60 minutes to get in the volume of sets and exercises you need to cover each entire muscle you are targeting.

If you can't get the extra reps and go to failure on your sets with proper form, coordination, and control, then you cannot break down the muscle fibers that you need to in order to build the muscle back up. In addition, working out at this kind of level and intensity naturally increases testosterone production and human growth hormone, which are both necessary to build the body up and increase your strength.

3. Replenish your body shortly after you finish your workout with adequate protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Your muscles and body will be depleted when you finish if you workout at the proper intensity so you will need to replenish them as soon as possible with a high calorie recovery meal. Always go with lean protein like fish, chicken, turkey, or a whey protein shake, as well as complex carbs and vegetables. You can have brown rice, whole grain pasta, a baked potato, sweet potatoes, or anything that helps restore carbs.

Now if you do this repeatedly and consistently 4-5 days a week, and then you rest on your days off, you will begin the building process in no time, but you must stay consistent on this approach. These three factors are the general keys to building natural muscle on your body.

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