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Building healthy personalities in children

Childhood Personality
Childhood Personality
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In order to build a healthy personality in children, parents/caregivers must provide an environment that promotes feelings of security, unconditional love and that their daughter or son is wanted. Parents/caregivers must also see to it that the thoughts, ideals and ideas their child develops about her-/him- self while he/she is in their care will serve their child well when he/she leaves home for the worldwide neighborhood (school, work, and other nation). Parents/ caregivers should also direct and guide their child in the decision making process. The decision making process encourages a child, in this instance, to make healthy, appropriate and mature choices that are honest, done with integrity and truthful. Their choices should likewise consider everyone else has privileges and rights that ends where theirs begins.

Laying the foundation for a child’s personality is predominantly a responsibility of the parents/caregivers. That is why it is vitally important that parents/caregivers consider thoughtfully the kind of personality parents/caregivers want her/him to have. Almost no parent /caregiver want their child to be unpopular, bullied, a recluse. Most parents/caregivers want their daughter or son to be well-rounded, liked and happy. Whether parents/caregivers achieve their goals or not will depend upon how much time, effort and consistent training and guidance put into the job of parenting a child receives from the point he/she arrives in the world.

The matter of parenting is too serious an event in a child’s life to leave chance or hope a child will develop their personality on their own. Concerned, mature approaches to parenting with parents/caregivers willing to learn, make difficult, at times, unpopular decisions, have been demonstrated to help a person get along successfully in the world. This is one of the most important obligations of being a parent. In fairness to a child, those who become parents should never take lightly their parental responsibilities.