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Building green homes in Albuquerque

Green Homes On the Move
Green Homes On the Move
Sarah Abel

I recently came across an environmentally friendly company that is truly excited about building green homes in Albuquerque. In this land of enchantment we all call home, which is full of sun and wind, how many builders are using solar and wind power in their homes or are they only geared toward using green building materials?

Earth Origins Construction boasts they are “Albuquerque’s Green Home Builder,” so I went right to the source, the website, to find out who is building green homes in Albuquerque. Beyond a surprising fact that green homes hold their value at a level almost 15% higher than conventional homes, I wondered, are these homes LEED certified, or just a stepping stone to being green?

The Wind Coalition has great information on wind power and have started calling New Mexico the Land of Windchantment so maybe all this wind fuss isn’t that far off for Albuquerque home builders. In the meantime, what Earth Origins is doing is by far, some of the best green building stuff I’ve seen in New Mexico.

A trip to their website and you’ll find they do use passive solar orientation, natural cooling designs, energy recovery ventilator systems, and recyclable and non-toxic materials. Their homes also are built with low VOCs and water conservation systems including greywater, and roof catchment systems. The native landscaping designs help keep watering to a minimum.

There are many standards for a home to be LEED certified, but Earth Origins completed one home in the North Valley equipped with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and kiva fireplaces all on .5 acres. This 2,660 square foot home with a 3-car garage seemed priced nicely at $800,000.

If you’re interested in what this green home builder does and what materials they can use to build you a green home or remodel your current dwelling, visit their Eco-Inspired Home web page.

Owner and general contractor Paul Chavez intertwines New Mexico’s earth, sky, rivers, mountains, and stone to create his designs and enticing landscapes. To learn more about building green homes in Albuquerque and Paul Chavez and his upcoming projects, give him a call at 505-688-1228.   


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