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Building endurance in the form of running

The main path around Lake Nokomis!
The main path around Lake Nokomis!

Being a strong rower means plenty of things. Great rowing form, determination, strength, and cardiovascular endurance to last anywhere from 500 meters to a full out 5 kilometers are great for rowers. Though for a rower what helps gain and retain endurance?

Rowing is an answer; with more rowing comes strength and strive, but endurance only if you are working toward it. Simple rowing of working on technique or drills will not improve or maintain the needed height of cardio. Plus hitting the water may be hard at times due to limited access and time.

The sure fire way of controlling your cardio is running. Now this is not the only way, but definitely one of the best. Running can help increase endurance which will better your rowing in sprints to longer races. It is best to mix in longer rubbing distances with some wind sprints, though that helps build more leg which can help with racing starts. Long distances build not only one's cardio endurance, but the mental strength of lasting longer.

Living in the Twin Cities area allows for the ability to find locations perfect for your training. Here are a few places that are perfect for running, but also give that added Twin Cities flair.

- Lake Nokomis
Perfect to hit up the trails and run your heart out

- Lake Calhoun
Great paths which if ran long enough will lead either to Lake of the Isles or Lake Harriet

- Mississippi River walk in St Paul
Arousing views of downtown St Paul and the opportunity to overlook the Mississippi River, can it get better?

Do you have any local running spots you would like to share?

Need a good workout to add to that boring routine?

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