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Building Confidence by Winning Small Victories

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The controversial musician Michelle Shocked once lamented that "I'm a perfectionist, which I think is a mistake." When it comes to achieving ultimate success, the devil may indeed be in the details. However, agonizing over every aspect of a project will make it a heck of a lot tougher to complete. This is especially true when it comes to successfully launching, establishing and furthering an enterprise or building your personal brand. The paralysis of perfectionism has scuttled the most ambitious endeavors before they were launched.

Most entrepreneurs, leaders and high achievers tend to be "Big Picture" people. They can visualize a bustling metropolis with behemoth skyscrapers and even the forthcoming bicentennial celebration of the town. However, buying the perfect paper in order to draw the preliminary plans can bring about a state of mental paralysis. This type of fastidious intellectual exertion will bring on eventual "burn-out". The overwhelming angst of getting every little detail just right often causes us to get nothing done at all.

When faced with a bout of "Amateurcrastination" brought about by "Perfectionist Panic", it is helpful to dedicate yourself to winning small victories. Winning small victories means continuously completing some part of the project that you are working on right now. It may not always be possible to complete the part of the project that you planned to, in the exact order that you envisioned it. Nevertheless, the surest way to get "unstuck" is to achieve the personal victory of accomplishing something that leads to ultimate project completion. You must vow to accomplish some part of your project every single day.

The simple wisdom of the great leadership strategist Sun Tzu should be the daily mantra of all burgeoning entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders and everyone seeking to build their personal brand. What he said is true indeed that "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." By winning small victories every day, you will be emboldened with the confidence that you've done your very best. This will be the catalyst that propels you to ultimate success when building your personal brand.