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Building Brand Trust Through Your Content Marketing

Building Brand Trust
Building Brand Trust

The world of content marketing has become mainstream these days and has become bigger than ever. Marketers have embraced content creation as the single most effective SEO technique available today. It is important to not rush into using this technique and to figure out the most effective way to use it to achieve brand loyalty.

Making sure you are seen as a thought leader in your specific industry is an obvious goal to develop your content marketing strategy. You can achieve this by providing routine up-to-date content to your customers. You can also tell the story of your brand through the content you put out.

All this is nice but if you don’t have a loyal following and brand loyalty, it will all be for nothing. The connection that an individual builds with a company has a direct correlation to whether or not that individual will work with them or buy from them.

Standing Out in the Crowd

With over 2 million blogs published each day, readers are bombarded with content from the various social media channels. It is important that your content stand out. Your brand needs content that is shareable and relatable. This encourages people to trust you and eventually work with you. Many content marketing strategies focus on quantity over quality. But having content that builds a trusting relationship between your brand and your audience is a key factor in your business’s success.

Customized Content

In a recent survey, consumers were asked about customized content. 61% of those asked said they felt better about a company that delivered custom content and would likely buy from that company. Creating unique and tailored content from your industry and audience will lead to brand loyalty and sales. Making your audience feel that you are thinking of them in each and every blog post is incredible important. Analyzing your audience is crucial to a successful content marketing strategy. If the data shows that your audience wants to read your content via email or as a video, then listen to that data and make this option available. Listening to your audience and the data will help build trust with your audience because they will read or see content that is aimed directly towards them.

Content Promotion

Respecting your audience is important when promoting your content. You do not want it to be blatantly obvious that you are promoting your brand. Your content should be new and something that is created specifically for your readers. Avoid spamming them with links to your latest and greatest blog, as this will turn off the audience.

Figure out which channels your audience uses the most and promote your content through them. Twitter offers tools that can tell you when your followers are most active and which previous content you have tweeted has been successful. When you have obtained this information, you can then schedule your content at the times when it will be most beneficial. This eliminates bombarding your audience and ensures that the content you are producing will be seen.

Rules of Engagement

Building trust in your brand is based on, not only on communication, but engagement with your audience. 36% of people trust brands more when they have a social presence. Try and avoid sending automated replies and comments to people who reach out to you. Instead, send them a personal thank you or message if they have shared your content with someone else. You can also offer advice if they pose a question related to your industry.

Also, be sure you and your company are easy to find and that your audience can communicate with you. Promote your social media channels and the best ways to contact you when you can. Encouraging people to reach out to you will build trust. When you market yourself as a personable brand, it reassures your audience that there is an actual person behind all the marketing and blogs. This lets your audience know you are interested in them and not just trying to sell them something.

Gaining trust in your brand is not something that happens overnight. You have to work hard and make the effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Building that trust with your customers will make all the other stuff fall into place. Sales and conversation rates will grow and your brand will become successful naturally.

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