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Building better aircraft support structures at the Boneyard

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The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (309 AMARG) located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona is conducting an Industry Day meeting next month to obtain input on alternative engineering methods and materials for constructing aircraft moduling units at the Boneyard, a designated “graveyard” for retired government aircraft. The U.S. Air Force announced the meeting in a Special Notice released Wednesday.

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“These aircraft moduling units must be designed to support either a complete aircraft or major components of aerospace vehicles above ground in long term storage, while subjected to climatic environmental conditions,” the Air Force said in the Special Notice.

The mission of the 309 AMARG is the U.S. Air Force Technical Repair Center for reclamation, regeneration, storage and disposal of aerospace assets. The group is also the Department of Defense's designated site for storage and reclamation of aerospace assets for all of America's armed forces as well as the U.S Coast Guard, federal government aviation branches, and the U.S. foreign allies.

The Feb. 19 Industry Day meeting will be open to suppliers, designers, and manufacturers capable of supporting the engineering and development of a moduling systems that will be cost effective and provide an extended service life for supporting either complete or major aerospace vehicle components. “The object of this event is to foster an exchange of ideas, explore industry's capabilities and availability, and explore viable options,” the Air Force said.

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