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Building a strong body requires a sound mind

your will creates the power you use to fuel the body and make it grow beyond standard because your mind sees no limitations
your will creates the power you use to fuel the body and make it grow beyond standard because your mind sees no limitations

Working out for some is nothing more than a "going through the motions" activity just for the sake of being able to say they workout. Die hard training and achieving phenomenal results go way beyond the "motions" of just working out. Someone who wants to completely transform his or her physique has to first make a decision to embody a change in the thought process, because in order to build a strong body, the mind has to be strong and sound first. Without these tools, the body will not transform much farther than the state of the mind at that time.

Many people fail to understand how important it is to open their minds and allow themselves to go beyond what they think is possible. They don't equate the close connection of the mind and body. It's as simple as realizing that in order to grow, you must stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. You actually have to venture past what you are most accustomed to in order to experience any new growth. This is often seen as a blueprint for life but it most definitely applies to the body as well. To get there, you need to open your mind to the possibilities of the unknown becoming well-known and normal for you.

If you come from a world of doubt, disbelief and disappointment, it is hard to stretch beyond what you are accustomed to. If you have dieted and failed time and time again; or worked out and failed to make any significant changes; or feel that you have tried everything possible to no avail, developing a sound mind won't seem doable. In fact, you may feel that your mind is sound based on this disappointing history you've experienced thus far. But, if you really want to challenge this theory, maybe you should look at the dialogue you speak about your failures. If you examine them, you can easily see how your dialogue simply feed the doubt and disbelief. Negativity is around every corner if you look for it. But, so is positivity, if you look for it. In order to find it, you have to focus on what you can develop, instead of the reasons you feel you can't.

The biggest battle most people fight is the battle in their own minds. This is the reason for food addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and any other issue that seem to destroy their confidence and knock them completely off track. There is tremendous power in the way a person chooses to think. Those thoughts alone can work toward shaping the body or destroying it.

Developing a sound mind simply means renewing your mind by encompassing a different set of views about yourself and possibilities. When you erase the old tapes that play to your failures, you begin to open doors that were closed by negative beliefs and locked by limited thinking.