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Build your very own 2015 Honda Fit

If you have DIY skills par excellence and can actually make homemade Kombucha, then you can certainly tackle the 2015 Honda Fit do-it-yourself-kit.

The kit was developed for those folks who prefer to go the “built not bought” route.

The kit was developed for those folks who prefer to go the “built not bought” route. Just picture putting together your very own ride, piece-by-piece…. And speaking of pieces, the kit contains a mere 180,000-plus individual mechanical parts that the automaker ships or helicopters right to your very own door!

The 2015 Honda Fit hatchback vehicle is assembled a Celaya, Mexico factory and for 2015, the length of the car has decreased but its interior room has increased. The subcompact has a length approximately 1.5 inches less than the 2013 model. All of the car’s maneuverability, however, does not come at the expense of interior space. Rear legroom has increased by nearly five inches inside the 2015 Honda Fit, and overall passenger capacity is up nearly five cubic feet as well.

The Fit kit is however not a task that can be taken on by any DIY’er, the tackler must not only be good with their hands but also be an electronic whiz kid of sorts. The kit is not for those who can’t think quickly on their feet either, as they will have to put together such technological advances as Bluetooth connectivity, a multi-view rear camera and safety features like LaneWatch. You should also have a knack for propulsion, so that the Fit’s i-VTEC engine with Earth Dream technology that generates 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque won’t present any challenges.

If you’d like to see two hipsters brag about being proud card-carrying members of the “Handcrafted Movement,” who have taken their DIY skills to an enviable level, watch the video as the pair attempts to put together the fun to maneuver and peppy 2015 Honda Fit.

…And btw, April Fools’!

--Car Chick®

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