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Build your own Mushroom Kingdom in 'Mario Maker'

'Mario' finally gets a level editor
'Mario' finally gets a level editor
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Nintendo had plenty of big announcements to make during their special E3 presentation earlier today, including the confirmation that a Mario Maker is coming to the Wii U. This title had been leaked several days ago, and seems to be everything we've wanted for the last few years. Nintendo has released a short trailer of this game in action, and it looks to be a must-have title for fans of platformers.

At its heart, Mario Maker is a basic level editor, but it appears that there's enough depth to it for us to create the crazy levels we've always dreamt of. Players will have the ability to drag and drop different elements, such as blocks and pipes, into the level, using the touchscreen to alter their size and placement. Aspiring game designers will be able to quickly edit their projects until everything is perfect.

Nintendo's E3 page for Mario Maker states that fans will be able to combine different elements to create things that have never appeared within an actual Mario game, such as a flying Piranha Plant. The trailer also shows Mario picking up a skinny version of a super mushroom, causing him to become slender as he grows tall. We're not sure how much fans will be able to customize the different items, though it seems like there will be several options to choose from.

Possibly the most exciting aspect of the trailer was the reveal that players will have the option to switch between retro graphics and those more akin to New Super Mario Bros. U. The ability to switch between these radically different graphical styles with the touch of an icon is sure to add even more depth to such an interesting new title. Nintendo hasn't announced a price for Mario Maker yet, nor have they stated whether it will be a full retail release or an eShop exclusive.