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Build with Chrome creates virtual LEGO collection

LEGO is an excellent toy for all ages that encourages architecture and creativity. LEGO even has an upcoming LEGO movie about the wonders of imagination and creativity. But two of the big problems of collecting LEGO is the price of those interconnecting LEGO bricks and storing them all.

Fortunately, Google has just unveiled Build with Chrome, your own virtual LEGO collection to play with online. Using Google or other compatible browsers and Google Maps as a baseplate, Build with Chrome lets you create your own virtual LEGO creations based on a variety of basic LEGO bricks in a variety of colors and share your handiwork online through Google Plus.

The interface of Build with Chrome takes some getting used to as it's not as hands on as playing with a pile of LEGO bricks. Fortunately, there is the Build Academy tutorial section within Build with Chrome that guides you through brick & color selection, placement, removal, and sharing. Having it tied to "The LEGO Movie" was a nice touch. Once you take on the challenges, Build with Chrome becomes your own virtual bucket of LEGO bricks. The current roster of available LEGO bricks on Build with Chrome is rather limited, but they are sure to expand as the site becomes popular. Whether Google will have expansions be free or paid DLC will be another matter.

In the end, Build with Chrome has that "Minecraft" feel without any video game behind it.

While using Google to play with LEGO via Build with Chrome doesn't have the same hands-on charm of actual LEGO, it's at least an easy way to get into the creative building fun. And using Build with Chrome will be practice and perhaps a blueprint for actual LEGO builds. And you'll never have to worry about stepping on a LEGO brick while barefoot.

So if you have a few minutes and want to get into some LEGO building without spending the tens of dollars on an actual set, check out

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