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Build a Minecraft medical clinic to raise funds for Liberia clinics

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Raising money by playing video games is not a new concept by any means, and Minecraft has been involved in its fair share of charities over the years - but if there's one thing we can never have enough of in this world, it's more good causes to help those in need.

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The newest charity effort is called Clinic Craft, and it's a Minecraft-focused campaign that raises money to support Save the Children, a charity that's raising money to build six new clinics in the Western African nation of Liberia.

In the announcement video for Clinic Craft, gaming presenter Dan Maher and longtime Minecrafter Chris Doney challenge fellow Minecrafters to build a better in-game clinic than the one they've constructed in the video.

"We know you're not fans of having your creative vision limited, so we want you to let your imaginations run riot to embellish your virtual clinics with whatever extras you want. You might even be rewarded for it," Doney says. "To that end, prizes including Minecraft Lego, plush toys, a Creeper mug, t-shirts, lanyards and stickers are being offered for the best designs."

Obviously, the submissions only work to raise awareness of the situation in Liberia, where roadside births are a common occurrence due to the lack of nearby clinics and transportation. However, the perks of building a clinic appear to be worth the effort.

Virtual clinic designs will be accepted until September 26. Although, if you'd rather donate actual money to the cause, that is always preferred. You can donate through Clinic Craft or to Save the Children.

If you can't donate or find the time to construct a clinic, consider sharing the Twitter and Google+ accounts on social media with the hashtag, #ClinicCraft.

To learn more about Clinic Craft, be sure to check out the official website at


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