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Build a better phone mount

The versatilityof the iMagBond
The versatilityof the iMagBond

Build a better mousetrap? Nope, this company wants to build a better hands free cell phone mount for use either in your car or inside home or office. As a mobile mount or a fixed wall mount, this product can make using your phone safe and convenient. And they need your help to make it a reality. Introducing the iMagBond, the next generation cell phone mount.

What it is
This product is a magnet powered smartphone stand. It has a detachable screw-in base that will fit most cameras and tripods. It offers a variety of mounting locations such as on dash, in vent or attached to the front panel. With more and more states passing laws against cell phone use inside moving vehicles, this may be the answer you are looking for.

What it does
This products allows hands free operation of your phone with either Bluetooth or speakerphone. It will easily relocate into another car or for use as a wall mount in home or office.

How is it different

It's not just for use in the car. It's not made of plastic that is easy to break or that will break down in the heat and sun. It offers easy, one handed operation to mount and dismount your phone. It has a swivel head that makes positioning easier and faster, no matter what you want to use your phone for; phone calls, navigation, dash cam, or fixed video camera.

Go check out their kickstarter page and let's get a much needed product to the public. For more information visit this link

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