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Bugs, butterflies and blooms

Owl butterfly
Owl butterfly
L Conlin

Butterflies have come to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year!

The Butterfly Experience is located around the corner from the main exhibition hall, along the Grand Concourse in Room 202. Visitors can stroll through a flower garden, surrounded by around 1,000 domestic and exotic butterflies.

Guests to The Butterfly Experience are given cotton swab wands loaded with nectar, to which the butterflies are attracted. They are reminded that these delicate creatures should be treated with extreme care, and that they should not be clasped by the wings, causing serious harm to their cells. After this helpful instruction, visitors walk into a flowered environment, fluttering and floating with nature’s flying objets d'art. Butterflies land on your hair, arms and hands. What a thrill it is to see such astounding beauty up close.

Adventure Aquarium in Camden has partnered with Abraham Lincoln High School to create an exhibit that features tropical frogs, in an effort to bring awareness to the public of their importance in nature. Frogs’ thin porous skin is super sensitive to environmental change, making these creatures important bio-indicators.

Common bugs in giant form are depicted across Mercer County Community College’s exhibit. Entitled “A Back Yard Battle,” a hornet in flight hovers overhead, while a praying mantis, a caterpillar, stink bug and spider remain alert below. This educational display invites us to identify harmful and beneficial bugs that visit our gardens. The artful designers of these oversize arthropods have used natural materials to craft creatures that will fascinate children and adults.

Winter has not yet left us, so many bugs have not begun to appear in our gardens. Discover how you can attract the right bugs to your yard this year, by talking with exhibitors and attending a presentation at the Gardener’s Studio located in the main exhibition hall.

This weekend, come and walk with the butterflies, learn more about bugs, and of course thrill to the sight of bright and beautiful blooms!

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