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Bugs as natural methods for Colorado garden pest control

Ladybugs are a good friend in the garden.
Ladybugs are a good friend in the garden.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Fighting bugs with bugs is a long standing traditional natural method for controlling garden pests. Utilizing natural predators keeps your Colorado garden free of chemical pesticides. It insures against chemical ingestion. You and your loved ones can feel safer knowing the food you eat is grown using natural methods of garden pest control.


The favorite foods of lady bugs are aphids and white-flies. This makes them an ideal natural method for Colorado gardeners. Lady bugs can be purchased by mail or at larger garden supply stores and greenhouses. They should be kept in the fridge for a couple days on receipt to calm them. Spray lady bugs lightly with sugar water before placing in the garden. This harmless treatment makes their wings sticky so they don't fly away until it washes off naturally.

Spraying the ladybugs with sugar water should give them time to lay a few eggs and eat a few garden pests before leaving your garden. Most will fly away once the sticky substance washes off. A few lady bugs may stick around longer. Their offspring may make your Colorado garden their permanent home, with all the aphids natural to this region. This will help you with natural long term garden pest control.

Lady beetles.

Lady beetles and ladybugs are commonly thought of as the same thing. A lady beetle is actually a type of asian beetle with an appearance similar to a ladybug. Like ladybugs, lady beetles love to eat aphids. Also, like ladybugs, they can be ordered through the mail. Lady beetles come in a wide variety of colors. They emit a sticky substance, so it's best to keep them out of the home.

Praying mantis.

The praying mantis is a bug gobbler. It makes for an extremely effective natural method of garden pest control. The praying mantis will eat just about any garden pest you have. Praying mantis eggs can be purchased by mail or at major garden centers. Let them hatch in your Colorado garden for the ultimate in natural pest control.


Lacewings are often referred to as aphid lions. Their appearance is more like a miniature bug gobbling alligator, than a lion. They eat the same diet as ladybugs and lady beetles, plus thrips, spider mites and mealy bugs. The difference is, they will not fly away. Your garden will reap a long term benefit from their presence. This is likely due to the fact that it's the larvae of these insects that works as a natural method for garden pest control.

Spined soldier bugs.

The spined soldier bug eats insects in a creepy way, by sucking out their juices, but it's still a natural method for garden pest control. The spined soldier bug eats the larval stage of corn earworms, Colorado potato beetles, flea beetles and Mexican bean beetles. This pale brown insect is about the size of your thumbnail and shaped like a shield. It's invaluable as a natural method for eliminating the type of pests found in Colorado gardens.

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