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Buffalo Police need to consider other theories

   When is a robbery not a robbery?  When a hit is made to look like a robbery.  That appears to be what happened on Hirschbeck Street over 2 months ago.  Two young adults were killed, three more wounded, in what authorities are calling a robbery attempt.  But, the families know it was something more.

   The day before her death, 19-year old Jamie Norton, did something heroic.  She testified before a grand jury about the slaying of a 15-year old boy.  As more information comes out, we learn that the convicted killer in that case used Norton's car to dump the body.  One day after testifying, Norton and a friend are killed on her front porch.  People don't snitch in the city and that's why so many crimes go unsolved.  Jamie Norton broke the code of silence on city streets and testified against someone.

   In several statements since the shootings, Buffalo Police continue to stand by the fact this was a robbery attempt.  The DA's office went so far as to defend a murderer during his plea agreement hearing earlier in the week.  Here's the problem, if your robbing someone, wouldn't you take the pot one of the victims was carrying?  Or how about their cell phones or cash?  If this was a robbery attempt wouldn't you clean out the victims before or after gunning them down?  You would think.

   What we have here is a clear case of a witness being rubbed out.  Norton was shoot twice in the head, that's overkill to make sure someone is dead.  Then the shooter went after any witnesses including Joey Lovett, who was standing on the porch.  The gunman also walked across the street and shot three people in a vehicle.  The gunman took the time to try and eliminate any witnesses, but didn't take the time to take anything from the victims.  Now I'll admit there's some pretty stupid criminals, but what criminal guns 5 people down in a robbery attempt, then forgets to rob them?  Let's get real.

   What we really have here is a police department with no leads and a DA's office unwilling to endure any more bad press.  Frank Sedita is following in Frank Clark's shoes, where he could care less about the lowly people of the world and only protects political allies.  Jamie Norton didn't have money or privilege, so she is nothing to Sedita and his DA's office.  Now if she held Steve Pidgeon's post, a murderer would have already been convicted, wrongly of course, but convicted. 

   Maybe Frank Sedita should take some time off from firing people that question him and actually work with the Buffalo Police on this.  Instead of worrying about bad press, let's worry about protecting the people helping the DA in the city.  Maybe then there can be some justice for a true hero, Jamie Norton.


  • Todd 5 years ago

    Thanks for the gutsy article. Only an idiot or a political animal would disagree with your conclusions, or maybe just maybe the Buffalo Police are playing it cagey to catch the criminals. I'm just having a hard time thinking that they are so stupid that to think these crimes were just a robbery when nothing was robbed.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i just happened on to this artical today...and I just want you to know that you are truely a very smart person...Jamie was my baby and everyday I get up and know I have to bare the day without her...she is somebody to me...someone very worth fighting for and I just want to thank you for your artical meant alot to me... to see that people care and see the real truth....Christy Norton (mom)