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Buffalo Bills sale: NFL sports team now on sale, buyers like Trump and Bon Jovi

A Buffalo Bills sale is being offered to some big-named people here in the US, and it seems that this NFL team already has some interested buyers. Billionaire Donald Trump and musician-singer Jon Bon Jovi are just two names currently being tossed around as potential bidders on the Buffalo Bills football team. According to Syracuse News this Thursday, June 19, 2014, at least several possible purchasers have already been contacted by financial officials, though the future owner of the Bills still remains up in the air at this point in time.

Buffalo Bills sale is now official, potential buyers are ready
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The Buffalo Bills — yes, the official NFL team — is now on legal sale for potential buyers. Of course, the average Joe won’t be able to cash in on buying the Bills, as prospects are at quite an astronomical price. Although there are rumors of some people already being tapped to consider bidding for the football team, such information is being kept quiet currently under a non-disclosure agreement.

"Those who have expressed an intention to bid on the Bills, and perhaps others as identified by the Bills' investment banker Morgan Stanley, on Wednesday received a seven-page non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the source said.

According to the press release, all potential buyers — if interested in taking a look at what the “offering memorandum” says in all its sports glory — must first sign and submit to the non-disclosure agreement. As such, there is no proof at this time that Donald Trump or Jon Bon Jovi (or others, for that matter) have even seen the contract.

“Such bidders must sign the NDA in order to receive the "offering memorandum," or sale book … That document, which presumably is now ready to be shared, will contain the confidential summary information regarding the Bills franchise and the NFL -- most importantly financials such as revenues, assets, operational costs, prospects of future revenue and liabilities."

ESPN Go shared that the Buffalo Bills sale became an official point of business back in late May 2014. Despite recent changes, the professional NFL team was retaining Morgan Stanley as their primary financial advisor, while Proskauer Rose would also stay on board as a form of legal counsel to assist with overall sale developments.

As announced in the press release, it was publicly revealed that all prospective bidders would be offered the chance to see the memorandum and specifics of the Buffalo Bills sale with an approximate period of one month, or 30 days. Today, Thursday, marks Day 29 since the statement was made, so we can be fairly certain that almost all possible buyers have been formally contacted.

As to who might eventually have the chance to own the Buffalo Bills? It is common knowledge to sports fans that real estate tycoon Donald Trump has shown he is interested in possibly owning the Bills someday, while Tom Golisano (a previous owner of the Buffalo Sabres) has also made it known he is thinking of putting a bid in. Jon Bon Jovi as well as Larry Tanenbaum are also under rumored consideration. Who do you think might be tapped in this momentous "sale?"

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