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Buff guide to Sunbirds Sun Club

The unofficial guide to Texas nude destinations.
The unofficial guide to Texas nude destinations.
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Buff Guide is an unofficial guide to Texas nudist destinations. Efforts are made to contact to nudist clubs for the most accurate, up to date information but in the absence of a response, the information presented is obtained primarily from club websites. Contacting a club or business ahead of a planned visit is always recommended to clarify policies.

Sunbirds Sun Club

Dallas and Fort Worth, separated by 30 miles of sprawling suburbs, are the two major cities in North Texas that make up the greater metropolitan area residents informally refer to as DFW or the Metroplex. DFW has a population of 6,526,548, covers 12 Texas counties and encompasses some 9,286 square miles.

Sunbirds Sun Club, formed in 1988, is the longest established active non-landed (or travel club) serving Dallas-Fort Worth. Sunbirds does not own property, operate a resort or have any permanent physical facilities. Club activities consist primarily of parties at the homes of club members around the area and group outings to local resorts. In addition Sunbirds occasionally schedules group outings to regional nudist resorts, local non-nudist spots and destinations across the United States and the Caribbean.

While the Sunbirds Sun Club listing at the American Association for Nude Recreation website shows it to be located in Dallas within area code 75222, as noted of the club website Sunbirds' membership is comprised of couples and singles from throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Sunbirds represents the club as a membership of easy-going, regular people from diverse backgrounds and professions, ages, and all shapes and sizes who accept others for who they are.

Getting there

Since Sunbirds is a non-landed club that owns no physical facilities but meets at the private homes of members and organizes group outings to local and regional landed nudist clubs and other destinations, information on the dates and specific locations of club meetings and activities must be obtained directly from the club.

When to go

According to the club website, during the months April-October, Sunbirds regularly holds pool parties at homes of hosting members or sponsors group outings to area or regional landed clubs and resorts most weekends. During the cooler months (November-March) schedules indoors themed parties around holidays and significant event dates such as; Halloween, New Year's, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, etc.


Sunbirds describe their activities as "rather low-key affairs" not unlike the atmosphere expected wherever polite people gather socially and where members simply relax and enjoy the companionship of like-minded people, good food and fun in a safe, friendly environment. Activities vary based on meeting site, facilities available and season.

Food and drink

Dining is typically by pot-luck at club events where members prepare and bring a dish of food to the parties to be shared among the group. Typically with non-landed club parties the club or designated hosts provide non-alcoholic beverages. Sunbirds expects all individuals, including guests to contribute a $5 per person donation to help hosts defray party costs and are expected to contribute to the potluck meal.

Adult beverages are permitted at club events on a B.YO.B. basis but Sunbirds expects members and guests to drink responsibly by consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation.

The outdoors

During the months April-October Sunbirds attempts to schedule as many weekend pool parties as possible which allows for outdoor nudity, sunbathing and swimming. All local Dallas area clubs have pools and other outdoor facilities which allows for outdoor nudist activities during club sponsored outings to those venues.


Sunbirds Sun Club is affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation, Southwestern Region and The Naturist Society. The club is listed on the websites of both national organizations and operates under the guidelines of the American Association of Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society. As a result prospective members and guests should not expect Sunbirds parties and events to be sexually charged atmospheres. Those looking for something more than wholesome, traditional nude recreation would be best advised to look elsewhere.

Membership and guests

Sunbirds Sun Club follows the ethics, principles and non-discriminatory guidelines of the American Association for Nude Recreation and The Naturist Society. The club accepts both singles and couples for membership and as guests to club events but reserves the right to limit the number of single male members to achieve an appropriate male to female balance.

As an adults-only club, Sunbirds allows only individuals 18 years of age and older to attend club parties. Pets are not allowed at club events unless a party invitation specifically authorizes members to bring pets.

Members in good standing are permitted to bring a maximum of two guests to club events providing party hosts are notified of the guests in advance. Members bringing guests are expected to arrive with their guests and to introduce the guests to the party hosts.

To be considered for membership, individuals are expects to attend a minimum of two club functions and provide the required signed copy of the code of conduct indicating their understanding of the policies and willingness to abide by them. Guests are not permitted to repeatedly attend club functions without the intention of becoming members of the club.

All prospective and current club members are required to read and abide by the Sunbirds Code of Conduct (PDF) that outlines expected behavior, privacy standards, club protocols and expected etiquette. All applicants for membership are required to provide a signed copy of the code of conduct as a condition of membership consideration.

Sunbirds Sun Club events are limited to local DFW residents only who are interested in membership and regular participation and are not open to out of town travelers.

Dues and fees

Beyond the $5 per person donation to defray party expenses there is no information on the website about dues or other fees. There is also no information as to whether Sunbirds club members are required to hold membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation or The Naturist Society. There is a reference to dues so prospective members should contact the club for the specifics on dues and fees.

With respect to non-landed clubs, costs associated with group outings to landed clubs and resorts are the typically the responsibility of individual members and guests.

Buff stuff

As noted on the club website, Sunbirds Sun Club is neither a sex nor swinger's club. It is a traditional social nudity club where sexual activity is unwelcome and where members and guests are expected to behave in a polite non-offensive manner. Observance of accepted nudist etiquette is expected at all club parties and events. Complete details on etiquette, rules and policies are provided in the Sunbirds Code of Conduct which is available at the website.

Sunbirds technically has a clothing-optional policy in that while nudity is expected and encouraged when practical and appropriate, guests and prospective members are permitted partial covering until they feel comfortable with being nude.

Contact information

Those interested can contact Sunbirds Sun Club to inquire about attending club parties and events, to ask general questions or make inquire about membership by email or regular mail. Selected email addresses and the mailing address published at the American Association for Nude Recreation listing is provided. A more comprehensive list of email addresses is available at the Contact Page of the website here.

Contact person: Not provided

Telephone: Not provided

Membership Team email:

General Information email:

Mailing address: Post Office Box 92031, Southlake, TX 76092


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