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Buff Brew Spring Fair 2014: Celebrate the season and all its wonder

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Spring Fair
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Spring Fair
Buffalo Bayou Brewing

Spring is here. It’s a season when we look forward to beautiful flowers, blooming trees, and warmer temperatures. Yes, it’s a season full of new life and new promise but most importantly, it’s a season to think about beer and beer- themed events. One happens to be planned for this coming Saturday and it will quickly transform the way you think about the season and what matters most. Here are the facts:

Event: Buff Brew 2014 Spring Fair

Location: Buffalo Bayou Brewing, 5301 Nolda Street, Houston, TX

Date and Time: Saturday, May 24, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing is planning a spring fair like no other. Carnival games will prove who has the best coordination, best memory, and best strength. Cute adorable puppies will await your soft, delicate touch. The band Second Lovers will fill your heart and soul with endless love and compassion. And Blood Brothers Texas Barbecue will satisfy your hunger with tender, delicious meats and sauces.

Oh, and there will be beer. Lots of unforgettable, one- of- a- kind beer made the way only Buffalo Bayou Brewing can brew it. A total of 25 different beers will be available on tap, from old favorites like 1836 to the unusual and unforgettable like Ginger Citrus IPA with Mango and Peppers and Orange Dream Cream

The cost for entering this state of nirvana?- just $25 per person. Tickets to the event are available through Eventbrite and can be purchased by clicking here. Everyone age 21 and up is welcome to join the fun while tickets last.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and what better way to celebrate the season and all of its goodness than going to the fair. Where else can you overindulge all of your senses while showing off your ring tossing skills and landing that Plinko disk right smack-dab in the middle slot? It’s all here, waiting for you at the Buff Brew 2014 Fair. Follow the above Eventbrite link and buy your tickets today!

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