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Buff Bagwell: Not even The Rock can save TNA, 'Just as big as John Cena'

Buff Bagwell: Not even The Rock can save TNA, 'Just as big as John Cena'
Buff Bagwell: Not even The Rock can save TNA, 'Just as big as John Cena'
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Last week, news of Buff Bagwell's career change from a pro wrestler to a gigolo burned up the Internet. Buff was a trending topic and became even more popular with wrestling fans than he was at the end of his wrestling career. It appears that his recent spike in popularity might have gone to his head as the former tag team champion believes he could have been just as successful as John Cena, if not more. According to a March 10 report by, Bagwell made the following comments:

When you lay out the facts, no he's not as big as The Rock, no he's not as big as Stone Cold, no he's not as big as these other guys I'm talking about. Then again, you give me the same push I think I would be just as big as John Cena."

Bagwell would further declare how Cena was just in the right place at the right time. Despite Buff's opinions about Cena, John continues to be a superstar inside and outside of the ring. He may not be as talented as The Rock and Stone Cold were inside the ring, but his merchandise sales are comparable. The amount of money Cena makes the WWE per year is more than any other wrestler.

Although Buff believes that The Rock is one of the greatest superstars in the history of pro wrestling, he feels that not even the popularity and charisma of The Rock could save TNA. In fact, Bagwell doesn't think anything could save the sinking ship known as TNA. In the same interview, Buff declared the following: "No, I don't think there is. That's why I'm not mad they didn't hire me. Hiring The Rock isn't going to save TNA."

Many fans and critics believe that TNA has been on a downward spiral for the last 2 years. Ratings, PPV buys and live attendance have seen a decline as well. On Sunday, March 9, TNA held their LockDown PPV and reportedly drew less than a 1000 fans. However, the wrestlers in the company continue to state that TNA will be fine and this is just a rough patch.

Only time will tell if Buff's comments about TNA being finished will come true or not. As for his comments on Cena and thinking that he could have been just as popular as John, maybe Buff should just focus on his prosperous gigolo career.

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