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Budweiser tops 13 M views with 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl commercial

Budweiser, the “King of Beers” and a long time Super Bowl advertiser, released its newest Super Bowl TV commercial called “Puppy Love” on Jan. 29. In just 24 hours, the adorable ad has already been viewed on YouTube more than 13 million times, which is a marketing grand slam. As posted by “Time” on Jan 30, “This year Anheuser-Busch is forging laughs in favor of a more heartfelt spot.” Like it did in 2013, Budweiser tugs on peoples' heartstrings to make their commercial memorable long after the last Super Bowl point is scored. Not only does Budweiser score with its “Puppy Love” commercial, but it scores the game winning field goal in double overtime. Yes, it’s that big of a hit.

The "Puppy Love" Super Bowl commercial scores big with more than 13 million YouTube views in just 24 hours.

The commercial follows the story of a Labrador retriever puppy and a majestic Clydesdale horse that become friends and refuse to be separated. The “San Francisco Chronicle” called the 2014 Super Bowl ad “irresistibly heartwarming.” Apparently, others think so too because 13 million have already logged on to YouTube to watch “Puppy Love” before the big game on Sunday.

So, how does “Puppy Love” compare to other Budweiser Super Bowl commercials? In 2013, Anheuser-Busch scored with “Brotherhood,” an ingenious ad that chronicled the bond a foul shares with its trainer. People posted on Facebook: “So good. Touched my heart” and “The Budweiser commercial just won the heart of America.” Other memorable Budweiser Super Bowl commercials include a Clydesdale football game, a spot featuring two Dalmatians, a somber ad after the Sept. 11 attacks, and one with a donkey trying out for the team.

Super Bowl advertising is no joke; it’s serious business. With Super Bowl commercials costing $4 million, advertisers like Anheuser-Busch want to ensure that they get the biggest bang for their buck. That means they need to produce and air commercials that will be talked about before and long after the big game. “Puppy Love” does just that and more. To see the “Puppy Love” Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, be sure to watch the video above.

Close to 7 million people have already posted comments about “Puppy Love” by Budweiser. Below are a few YouTube posts from Jan. 30.

  • "Such a heartwarming story. One of the good examples of a ‘feel good ad.’" – Sakshi Jan
  • "They sure know how to market a product." – Jay Algonquin
  • "Just the sweetest commercial ever." – Cerulean Talon
  • "One of the best Bud commercials. So darling. Brings a big smile. Eyes teared up." – Lorraine Shannon-Owens
  • "Good one. No bad Goldens. No bad Clydes. No mention of product. Genius ad agency." – Richard K
  • "It made me cry." – Glenda Keeton
  • "Huge smile and I cry every time…Love it!" – Atina Foutz

The 2014 Super Bowl (XLVIII) airs on FOX on Sunday, Feb. 2. Below are some quick facts about this year’s biggest game of the year.

  • Place: Metlife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in N.J.
  • Kick-off time: 6:25 p.m. EST
  • A year of firsts: First Super Bowl to be played outdoors in a cold weather environment. The first in 38 years to be played outdoors on FieldTurf, and the first in which two US states (New York and New Jersey) will work together with hosting duties.
  • Weather contingency plan: In the event of heavy snow, the 2014 Super Bowl will be rescheduled for the Saturday before, or for the Monday or Tuesday after.
  • Halftime Show: Bruno Mars is this year’s halftime performer.

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