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'Whatever USA': Bud Light has folks seeing red as their town's painted blue

Bud Light takes Crested Butte, Colorado over and residents are mad!
Bud Light takes Crested Butte, Colorado over and residents are mad!
Bud Light "Whatever Town" promo

Bud Light’s “Whatever Town” has the residents of Crested Butte, Colorado furious at both the take-over of their town by the Budweiser people and at the town’s officials for secretly giving them the green light. The folks who live in Crested Butte are outraged at the town's board for slipping this event in without so much as a whisper to the town’s folks.

Now that the town has a blue fence all around it for the upcoming weekend, the residents don't like what the people from Bud have done to their town. Bud Light has been advertising a “Whatever Town” since the Super Bowl and they approached Crested Butte for its “reputation for fun” and its “beauty,” according to Fox News on Sept 1.

The town’s officials were interested with Budweiser’s offer of a $250,000 permit fee for use of the historic coal town for the Sept. 5-7 weekend. While the officials were debating the event behind closed doors, Bud came back doubling their offer to $500,000. This is when the people in charge of Crested Butte jumped at the offer, without any mention to the town’s citizens. Bud Light has also agreed to pay for any damages that may occur.

680 News Local reports that this weekend takeover started long before the designated date with the people from Bud Light fencing the town off and painting it blue before Labor Day. The town is divided over this event as the people from Bud have morphed the quaint Crested Butte into what one former U.S. Senator, who lives in town, called a “weekend beer hall.”

Former U.S. Senator Tim Wirth wrote a letter to the town council pointing out why the “Whatever Town” coming to Crested Butte is a “bad idea.” He reprimanded the council telling them that the town government is not elected to use public property and resources to turn the town into a “weekend beer hall.”

Wirth also said they are not elected to “carry on secret, behind the scenes negotiations, waiting until commitments are a fait accomplished before informing residents.” Wirth also thought that $500,000 was not enough by far for Bud Light to pay the city.

Another resident who spoke with Fox said that she couldn’t get to water or the bathroom facilities at the local skate park because the “Whatever Town” people have blocked it off.

Bud Light’s “Whatever Town” will come to life this weekend. A contest was held months ago, in which 100,000 folks entered, and Bud Light has picked 1000 people from the contest to be flown then bused into Crested Butte for one big weekend party.

The “Whatever Town” festivities will include some big name entertainment and many different events. It will bring in a lot of money for the town’s businesses, claims the town’s board. They also claim it is a good thing for the town as the revenue is needed at this time of year as the summer tourism is winding down.

The town might have been a bit more receptive if they were in on the decision making from the beginning. While the board got Bud to pay them $500,000 for the takeover of their town, from what the former Senator said, it sounds as if they could have gotten more.

This was a well-kept secret by Bud, as they kept the location under wraps until it was leaked last week. This is an advertising campaign that will appear on TV and the Internet, bringing more woe to the residents of Crested Butte. They worry that this could turn into a fiasco and ruin their reputation as a great family location for vacations. They don’t want to be seen as a joke if this “Whatever Town” turns into a beer-slinging blow-out.

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