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Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ commercial sweeps our hearts

Budweiser has done it again, delivering an uplifting commercial for Super Bowl XLVIII that will melt the coldest heart. Last year they focused on the human-animal bond and this year they have chosen to focus on the sometimes unlikely bond created between two animals of different species. The video is sure to move anyone to tears that have a love for people, puppies, and those magnificent Clydesdales. Take a look at the video gone viral and tell me what you think.

HSUS sums it up best with the president and CEO Wayne Pacelle’s blog post reading, “Happily now, instead of dressed-up chimps, we are getting much more advertising that promotes heart-warming pet adoption and the virtue, care and goodness associated with the human-animal bond. The Budweiser ad, featuring a puppy and a Clydesdale, extols the bonds between animals and people and even between animals and animals – and the joys we get from animals.” Read the entire blog post to see how things are changing in the exploitation industry of animal welfare. It is truly remarkable how human perception for the care and treatment of animals is changing to a more compassionate and holistic approach.

Thank you to Budweiser for outdoing yourselves again in the making of the BEST commercial ever and promoting pet adoption in the process. The video depicting the friendship between two kindred and adorable spirits is simply magical and plays on the emotions. It is opportunities like these where an influential company can use their power to impact life for the greater good of animals and humans together.

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