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Budweiser 'Puppy Love' ad: new Super Bowl XLVIII commercial goes viral (Video)

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An adorable new Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl XLVIII commercial was released this week, and it instantly went viral. The spot featured the most famous, most recognizable, and some would say most beautiful, horses in the world alongside man's best friend and attractive, sparkly-eyed TV commercial actors. The stars of Bud's advertising since 1933, the Budweiser Clydesdales are truly an iconic symbol of Americana, and ads featuring the great beasts rarely disappoint. This time, they added a puppy, so, cue Internet explosion of five million hits in a day. A day!

Read more and watch the video for yourself, linked here below! The best buds in this ad have already racked up over five million views and counting on YouTube.

Budweiser Puppy Love Ad Sets Mood in Run-up to Super Bowl XLVIII...and V-Day!

In the one-minute spot, which has us thinking of Valentine's Day a few weeks early, a noble Clydesdale and a mischievous dog fall in love. And we 'aww' and get something in our eye. Sniff. But all is not well.

The hitch? The dog is a perpetual runaway from a nearby animal shelter, and is promptly collected and whisked back to the adoption center every time it triumphantly nears the rancher's barn and greets it's giant lover in its stable. A stolen kiss is all the star-crossed lovers have to remember each other by. All of this is set to "Only Know Your Lover," by Passenger, easily one of the most wrenching, bittersweet radio songs of the past year.

Watch: Budweiser Puppy Love Ad on YouTube (Video)

Eventually, the dog is seen being driven away by a man, but the Clydesdale runs through the pasture alongside the road and jumps fences to reunite with its special friend. The other horses jump into action, too, blocking the car from both ends. The dog, freed from its vehicular confines, joins the horse on the road and the pair are together at last; in the final shot, shelter lady and the rancher stand together, watching the lovesick animals play in a gorgeous field. Maybe they are getting some ideas of their own.

And why not? After all, Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, is just a few weeks away. Do you have a furry Valentine in your life? If so, might we suggest a sweet, stuffed catnip heart for kitty or a new bone for Fido? Perhaps a bag of carrots for the horse in your life. As this Budweiser spot proves, animals need love too!