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Budweiser May Win Super Bowl Favorite Commercial By Playing On Our Heart Strings

Super Bowl Logo
Super Bowl Logo
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

What is sweeter than watching a Clydesdale horse bond with his trainer? Would you think a Clydesdale horse becoming friends with an adorable puppy could be sweeter? Yes, this is the theme of Budweiser’s new commercial which will air during the Super Bowl. It was leaked during the “Today Show.” The commercial is named, “Puppy Love.”

The commercial pulls on the heart strings of most people. Consumers will watch as this adorable ten week year old puppy forms a friendship with a beautiful Clydesdale horse. The puppy continuously keeps running away from his breeder’s home to visit the horse at a nearby farm. Toward the end of the commercial, a man from the city arrives to buy the puppy. This is when the climax of the commercial takes place and many people will start become misty eyed.

No, I won’t tell you how the commercial ends. You will have to watch it for yourself. You can either wait and watch it during the Super Bowl or watch it at the following site: