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Budweiser goes to the dogs for Superbowl

Every year football and horse lovers look forward to the new Budweiser commercial during the Superbowl. The Budweiser Clydesdales are among the most gorgeous creatures to be found on commercial television and even those who aren't horse people are moved to oohs and ahhs. The Clydesdales are majestic and powerful and the advertisers hope to inspire a long lasting association of their beer to these horses that move with thunderous grace.

The Feb. 2014 XLVIII Superbowl was no different in its approach of releasing new attention grabbing commercials. Some watchers expressed a bit of overall disappointment while others were as charmed as ever. The Budweiser "Puppy Love" spot was, however, a bit of a surprise to some who anticipate the Clydesdale appearance. The surprise was not necessarily a bad one. We love puppies as much as we love beautiful horses. Smart choice Bud. Play to our appreciation of beauty and power and now stir in a huge helping of adorable cute and you've got people talking about your product for hours or even days. Perhaps the product is considered last but everyone watching still grasps that its a "Budweiser" presentation.

When it comes time to purchase a beer product a lingering impression of Clydesdales and puppies won't likely sway a shopper to choose Budweiser over a different favorite. Beer isn't just beer to those who frequent micro breweries and enjoy noting the varieties of tastes and tones in their suds. However, if it comes time to grab a well known brand that is often front and center on the shelf, perhaps the association will at some level take effect and eventually help Budweiser pay for the hay and now the puppy chow. Regardless of the end purchase results, there are few in this country who don't know the brand and the famous Clydesdales with the massive hooves.

You can see the new Budweiser puppy and the famous Clydesdales in the attached "Puppy Love" commercial. Perhaps next year we will be presented with the puppy now grown up a year and sitting in the Budweiser carriage. You can read more about Superbowl commercials that have gone to the dogs at Audi goes to the dogs for Superbowl 2014. You can also see the Jaguar Superbowl commercial featuring Brits making villainy super cool here.

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