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Budweiser debuts Super Bowl ad "Puppy Love" that melts the heart

Last year the Budweiser Super Bowl ad called "Brotherhood" tugged at the heartstrings of all who watched as a man raised a young foal to become a Clydesdale.

Budweiser Super Bowl ad
Budweiser Super Bowl ad
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Budweiser Super Bowl 2014 commercial

In the commercial the man goes to see his old horse in a parade three years later. He smiles as the horse passes by and as he goes to pull away the horse breaks away and runs down the street to him, and they embrace in the street.


This year, Budweiser again wins fans over by debuting their new ad, "Puppy Love" that shows the same man who raised the Clydesdale in last year's ad, raising puppies as well as horses.

One puppy keeps escaping from the other puppies and running to see a certain horse in the stable, over and over again. The puppy gets adopted and as the car with the puppy pulls away, the horse and all of the other horses surround the car and stop him from leaving with the puppy. Ending with all of the horses and the puppy walking back to the stable together as the man, Don Jeanes, who played the man in last years tearjerker.

Budweiser has used the Clydsedales in their Super Bowl ads for several years now and instead of focusing on the beer like one would think they would do, they tend to want to focus on the feelings of the viewer.

They succeed and if you do not shed a tear or two while watching then you will at least get that warm fuzzy feeling that will make you smile and say awww.

With the song, "Let Her Go"by Passenger playing in the background the ad shows that you do not need a frog that burps, or a drunken party scene to sell beer and Budweiser seems to know that for a fact.

You can see the touching "Puppy Love" ad as well as all of the other Super Bowl commercials we all look forward to each year this Sunday when Super Bowl XLVIII airs on FOX at 5:30 pm

Watch as the Seahawks battle the Broncos and keep an eye out for the Budweiser "Puppy Love" ad.

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