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Budweiser ad - awww or awful?

A Labrador Retriever is featured in this year's Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl.
A Labrador Retriever is featured in this year's Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl.
AKC Mary Bloom

With the Super Bowl coming up tomorrow, there is almost as much hype over the commercials as the actual football game. For animal lovers of all types, the Budweiser offerings featuring the famous Clydesdales are always widely anticipated.

This year's offering is another heartwarming tale.Check it out here if you have not seen it yet. The basic story line features a cute Labrador Retriever puppy who is buddies with a Clydesdale. While many people are just thrilled with the whole commercial, some dog fanciers are up in arms about the "puppy adoption" center - is it a rescue, is it a puppy mill, what is it exactly? - others are concerned about the image of poor fencing and a pup running loose.

Where do the puppies shown in the commercial come from anyway? One blogger has tracked down the origin of at least some of the puppies show in the commercial (generally a couple of nearly identical puppies would be used and swapped in and out for different scenes). The breeder listing suggests that those puppies are doing a "Tweet" on Super Bowl day as well as having starred in the commercial.

Now things get more confusing. Southern Paws Rescue says that two of the puppies in their rescue will be doing a "Tweet" with a Clydesdale on Super Bowl day during the game. These puppies are not to be confused with the purebred puppies from a breeder who star in the actual commercial.

Currently it remains to be seen if Budweiser did or did not act honorably in the arrangements for the various puppies in the commercial and for the upcoming Tweet segment. Undoubtedly the company will issue a clarifying statement at some point.