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Budweiser 2014 Super Bowl commercial shows puppy love

Budweiser is known for great Super Bowl commercials every year. On Jan. 29, Rumor Fix shared their new one for the 2014 game and it is all about the puppy love. This commercial will make you think twice about adopting a puppy and will melt your heart.

Budweiser commercial

You can check out this commercial in the video on this page. It starts out showing adorable puppies that are ready to be adopted. One of them is ready to play so it escapes under the fence to get to the Clydesdale horses. It looks like a little lab puppy.

This puppy is so excited to see the horse. It jumps around and wags its adorable tail as the two even touch noses. It is a friendship made in Heaven. Several times he does all that he can to get back to his friend just to be taken back to his pen again. This puppy has found its best friend and finally get to be with the horse in a commercial that will be considered one of the best of the 2014 Super Bowl.

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