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Budgeting for your Lincoln wedding

Be careful not to let budget concerns take over your relationship.
Be careful not to let budget concerns take over your relationship.
Jen Debus, Photojenic Images

So, you've got the ring.  What next?


Establishing a budget doesn't have to be a true test of your relationship. All it takes is communication and a realistic approach.

Your first concern is deciding who pays. While many parents are still willing to pay for all or part of the their child’s wedding, it is not an option for everybody. In fact, more and more couples are deciding to pick up the tab for their own wedding. This is especially true for career-minded individuals who are getting married later in life and are more financially secure than their parents.

If your parents are contributing to your wedding fund, make sure you establish what they have agreed to pay for. They may have a set amount of money available, so be prepared to pay the difference if their contribution falls short of what you determine your wedding will cost. If you are footing the bill, consider how much money you can set aside each month. That may determine how soon you can get married.

How much will you really need?

Many experts estimate an average wedding costs as much as $25,000. You can get away with much less than that in Lincoln, however, by establishing priorities. Perhaps you want a designer wedding gown, but an elegant cake is not important. Consider a dessert assortment with treats from a local bakery, such as cupcakes and cookies, to justify the gown expense.

Finally, be mindful of friends or relatives who can provide services such as photography, videography, transportation or music. Craigslist also is a good way to find local freelancers who are more willing to match your budget.

Budget Breakdown:

Dinner: 25%

Venue Rental: 10%

Photography/Videography: 15%

Attire: 10%

Flowers: 8%

Entertainment: 8%

Stationary: 2%

Transportation: 2%

Miscellaneous: 20% 


  • Jane Q. 5 years ago

    Great site. Can you do an article on wedding venues that allow you to contract your own catering?

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    Very helpful! I may have a daughter getting married soon!

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    Great information. I am a bride to be so this was helpful!

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