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Budget traveling tips: Packing aids

For efficient and organized packing, use food containers
For efficient and organized packing, use food containers
Yayra Sanchez

When planning for a trip, a big part of the preparation has to do with packing your bag. We know that traveling light is budget friendly, but sometimes the packing products or items we find to help us pack more efficiently aren’t cheap. There are many great packing storage bags of different sizes and materials; there are also packing cubes and carryon travel kits options for all tastes.

However, buying these add up and there’s no real need to spend so much on these when there are cheaper alternatives. Some of the best packing aids are simple food containers (no need for brand names either, you can always buy the generic version). Another great and helpful product when packing is a ziploc: snack, sandwich, 1-quart sizes, etc.

These containers and ziplocs have such a great range of uses when packing: you can use the containers to keep all medicines together, to pack jewelry and souveniers, underwear and more; ziplocs can be used to pack lotions, perfumes and hygene essentials, especially good because it protects the rest of your luggage contents if anything spills. You may also use them during your trip to carry snacks and bring some wipes with you. These bags are especially good when going through security check, as they are clear -as per TSA regulations- and you can fit most of your things in a bigger one.

In any case, whatever the use you decide to give them, make sure you label them. They all look the same, but if you label every container and bag clearly, it will be easy for you when looking for anything in your bag and it will keep everything neat.

So, travel light and travel smart. When you follow this tip, your luggage will be more efficiently organized, everything will have its own place and you won’t spend a fortune on it. Happy Travels!