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Budget Travel

The beauty you see as you travel
The beauty you see as you travel
Cindy Bolton

People love to travel, to get away from it all, to just relax somewhere that is special to them. So what stops the average person from just picking up and taking off for a long weekend? The number one reason is the high cost. Between lodging and entertainment the cost can become overwhelming.

How can a family spend a time away from home and not have to spend a huge amount of their hard earned money? The number one key is to know how to pick a location to stay and book a room at a reasonable price. The second trick is finding entertainment options to please the whole family at little or no cost. Thanks to the technology of today you can search locations as well as hotels, right down to the neighborhood and distance to a landmark. Two of the best sites to find rooms are and Both sites offer many of the same locations but there are a variety of hotel chains and boutique hotels that are only on one or the other site.

When it comes to the finding things to do aspect of your vacation most destination that attract travelers have Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Centers you can either visit when you arrive in town or search their site before you leave your home.

Another great site for attractions is This site lists out most top attractions in most every major city in the world. By utilizing the internet to do your research you can plan your budget and stick to it.

Don’t let the high cost of luxury travel prevent you from a weekend getaway; get that luxury travel at a budget price. It’s possible to have fun and not break the bank.