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Budget travel budgeting: saving for your next adventure

Saving regularly makes travel possible
Saving regularly makes travel possible

Always wishing for a vacation but feel like you just can’t afford it? Constantly coming up short at the end of the month but never quite sure where the money went? 

Putting together a great trip is easily affordable with just a little financial planning.

While stuffing dollar bills under your mattress is one way of saving cash for your trip, there is a smarter, and potentially more profitable way to save your bills.

Open a free, interest-bearing online savings account. There are a number of online savings programs which offer you the ability to deposit and transfer money into your vacation account all online.

Check out LearnVest - an award-winning, fun, free, easy-to-use website for all things financial - for ideas and info about online banking, including choosing the online savings account that’s best for you.

ING, Ally, and American Express are three of LearnVest’s top three picks for free, user-friendly savings accounts. Each savings account has different features, so be sure to check out each one thoroughly before choosing one. Visit LearnVest for more ideas on saving, investing, and making your li’l dollars grow into big dollars.

Travel is totally possible on a small budget. With a little planning, and a little bit saved each month, you’ll have enough for your adventures in no time at all.


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