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Budget to level out

City Hall at 202 C Street.
City Hall at 202 C Street.
Adam Benjamin

A more productive recovery economy in San Diego has given the interim mayhor, Todd Gloria, an opportunity to plan to overcome the past budget deficit problems. He is planning on an under 20 million dollar deficit in fiscal year 2014-15.

With continued growth, the fiscal years will run surpluses for four straight years. A strong economic groundwork sets San Diego up to overcome the first year deficit.

The balanced budget depends on "smart dedision making," Gloria said. Higher than expected property taxes keep money on the budget table.

Work lined up on infrastructure projects will begin. After the city council approves a 120 million dollar infrastructure bond this month, fuding street resurfacing work, the work delays end.

"To be America's Finest City and remain economically competitive, we must continue to work together to develop solutions on how we will pay for the remaining infrastructure upgrades," he said.

Mayor Gloria will continue to work on the infrastructure lead on the city council, the District 5 councilman. Water main replacements top the work list. With the sidewalk building planned for community areas missing sidewalks the district 5 councilman took action on with communities last year to plan the work that will make San Diego a "more walkable community."

The Mayor invites citizens to keep up the planning work citizens have done by sending their input on infrastructure plans to

Eliminating the budget deficit will give the city a fresh start on city work. A final victory the next elected mayor must hold the line on.

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