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Budget friendly baby food-make your own

Making your own baby food can be cost effective and fun.
Making your own baby food can be cost effective and fun.
photo by Pam Thompson

The twins turned five months old yesterday, and with that I start looking towards starting solid foods. In anticipation for the time when they are eating two times the normal amount of baby food, I've begun  preparing some fruits and vegetables and storing them in our freezer.

Making baby food from scratch is not only easy, it is very budget friendly. You simply buy fresh or frozen produce, steam or boil it until soft, puree to the desired consistency and freeze it! The most rewarding thing is knowing that the food your baby came from your kitchen, ideally even from your garden! 

Here is an example of the potential cost savings for making baby food. Last week I purchased Gerber Stage 1 sweet potatoes from Dan's Supermarket. They were on sale for $1.19 for two small containers. I then purchased two sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed them, boiled them for about 20 minutes in a small amount of water, and then pureed them in my blender. These two sweet potatoes which cost me about a dollar, made seven small containers of baby food! By my math, the homemade baby food cost a third of what the prepared food cost, and was a small time commitment on my part. the best part about the store bought baby food is that I can recycle the containers to make my own food!

How do you save money when feediing your baby? I'd love to hear! Leave a comment below!

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