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Budget Cleaning Brabant places job ad exclusively for white candidates

Budget Cleaning Brabant places job ad exclusively for white candidates
Budget Cleaning Brabant places job ad exclusively for white candidates
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Budget Cleaning Brabant has placed a number of job advertisement ads, that state that the company is only looking for white Dutch candidates. "We are looking for the best candidates, originally from Dutch soil, for our new location," the advertisement reads. After placing the ad on their Facebook company page, people began leaving comments of support and others accused the company of discrimination.

On Tuesday, reported that there has been a dramatic increase "in the number of reports about discrimination in the Netherlands". The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, has documented this increase and see a direct correlation with "work-related discrimination".

The owner, of Budget Cleaning Brabant, Wesley de Laat doesn't understand what the commotion is surrounding the job advertisement ads that he has been placing. De Laat feels that he should be able to hire whoever he wants, he believes that white candidates are better workers then non-white candidates. "I don't discriminate. I just don't give them hoop. I don't invite them for a interview. Polish, Moroccans or non-whites are not going to be hired to work for this company. Achmed and Ali are probably very good people, but I don't want them [working for me]," said de Laat.

The Dutch use the words 'autochtoon' and 'allochtoon' in order to classify its citizens. Individuals are classified based on one to three generation(s) of their family ancestry. If both of your parents were born in the Netherlands, you are classified as 'autochtoon'. If one or both of your parents were born abroad, you are classified as 'allochtoon'. Even if a child is born in the Netherlands, they are still classified as 'allochtoon' if one or both parents were born abroad.

De Laat explained that the company currently has nine employees, all of them are white and the hiring of these white employees was a conscious decision. The company doesn't just refuse non-white candidates, but they also refuse to work for non-white customers. The job advertisement ads have been placed in different regional news papers, which have a readership that covers at least half of the Netherlands. Last week, the job advertisement even appeared in the program booklet of a Dutch professional soccer team, RKC Waalwijk, during their match against AFC Ajax.

De Laat believes that he is being honest towards perspective candidates and that other companies are hypocrites. "Other companies are hypocrites. They tell applicants that they don't fit within the profile of the company. I just tell them straight up," said de Laat. Discrimination organization Radar Brabant, stated that they have been receiving complaints in regards to the job advertisement. The organization sees the advertisement as an "actual notice" and not discrimination. The company can only be held responsible for discrimination, if they dismiss candidates purely based on their ethnicity.