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Buddy Valastro on 'Bakery Rescue": It's like a telenovela at Pastry Is Art

Buddy Valastro in Las Vegas, May, 2014
Buddy Valastro in Las Vegas, May, 2014
Photo by Ethan Miller

This week on Bakery Rescue, Buddy Valastro had a tough time in Miami, trying to save Pastry Is Art. Owned by Jenny, a talented baker from Peru, Buddy didn't have much to critique about the baked goods, since most of the items were top notch.

It was the atmosphere at the shop that was getting toxic and it took some time to get past the stubborn Jenny's refusal to control everything. Working with her sister Ana and two other women, Jenny's business was failing for two important reasons.

At Pastry Is Art, marketing was virtually non-existent and the the team concept had broken down so badly, that tears and yelling were a very common occurrence. With almost $100,000 dollars invested in the business on the line, Jenny had to step back and allow Buddy to work alone with her staff to try and determine how to attack the problems.

As he watched the four women interact, he admitted he'd never seen anything like it. "It's like a telenovela", he said after Jenny told him that it had the same passion and discord as you get in that kind of soap-opera drama.

In Bakery Rescue, Buddy Valasatro doles out more than advice. There is a remodeling of the bakery, remaking the menu, which in this case wasn't critical and networking the bakery owner with sources of business.

Humor became necessary and Valastro had each of the women pretend they were Jenny, but not in a mean way. He shot it on video and Jenny was presented with it. Luckily she took it well and laughed along with everyone. It was the first good time the bakery had experienced in a long time.

Jenny quickly understood that her way or the highway, was not cutting it. With help from Buddy, she learned about how her staff was up to the task of doing things, if Jenny would only release her control a bit.

The name of the business, Pastry Is Art, descried the baked goods and in the redesign of the shop, the products were featured as framed photographs, like in a gallery. Buddy suggested a few other items for the menu, that would be easy for the ladies to produce and they were on their way.

Once Jenny got hooked into the charity circuit in Miami, she knew that her business would flourish. And it did. Three months after the show was taped, Jenny and the ladies reported business was up by 20% and all was well in the shop.

TLC airs Bakery Rescue on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT

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