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Budding chefs

Do you have a budding chef in the family? Children often begin to show an interest in cooking at an early age when moms and dads allow them to participate in preparing a meal. If there is a genuine interest in cooking as they get older, they often will ask to make a meal for the family that is solely prepared by them.

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Summer camp at State College of Florida in the Lakewood ranch area of Sarasota is offering three courses of cooking classes for kids of ages 7-13 from June 10-August 8. BUDDING CHEFS will be offered as a cooking class to give students the opportunity to prepare and sample a different food dish every day. Variety is a great key to learning to eat healthy and to cook healthy foods. Children in this class will experience a wide variety of foods and ways to cook and serve these foods.

BLENDER BONANZA is another cooking class that will be offered during summer camp at State College of Florida for children of ages 7-13. Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients will be used to create delicious concoctions in a blender. The opportunity to learn to use a blender safely is a fun way to learn a new cooking skill. A different blender treat will be created every day.

NO BAKE COOKING is a third choice for the cooking classes for kids this summer. Parents are often reluctant to allow children to use an oven, and this class will present the opportunity for your budding chef to learn to prepare dishes without using an oven.

Registration is now underway for summer camp classes at State College of Florida. Parents may register their budding chef by logging on at Check out the Summer Spectrum class schedule for the cooking classes for kids. The morning and afternoon schedules are available online.

Check out the included video for a great presentation from a 10-year-old budding chef.

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