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Buddhist Meditation Centers in the Twin Cities

There are many places to learn about and practice Buddhist meditation in the Twin Cities.  Below are just a few.  Each of them will offer some form of introduction or instruction to help you follow along with the group meditation and feel more comfortable: 

Zen Centers:

Minnesota Zen Meditation Center (Mpls)
Dharma Field Zen Center (Mpls)
Clouds in Water Zen Center (St. Paul)

Tibetan Meditation Centers:

Karma Thegsum Choling Minneapolis
Diamond Way Buddhist Center (Mpls)
Shambhala Center of Minneapolis

Soka Gakkai:
(A lineage based on the teachings of Japanese monk Nicheren Daishonin.  A central practice is chanting; Tina Turner demonstrated this in an interview with Larry King)

SGI-USA Minnesota/North Dakota (St. Paul)

The forms of meditation practiced at these different centers vary, but share many similarities.  Try the different centers out.  If you are looking for a regular place to meditate, one helpful factor in choosing one is how comfortable you feel when you're there.  Settling on a center that offers a community you find supportive may be a good idea.


  • Kristen Wilkerson - Lansing Interfaith Examiner 5 years ago

    I am a new examiner at I'm the "Lansing Interfaith Examiner".
    Would you be willing to subscribe to me and leave me comments? I have already subscribed to you and would love to reciprocate.

    Also, do you have any advice for success with


  • Diana Crabtree 4 years ago

    As a warning to people exploring Buddhism, or any religion (including Christianity) it's important to be cautious of mind control cults. Please read up on whatever location you choose. From my readings, Diamond Way, & Soka Gakkai are potentially money making cults, parading as Buddhism. I have read bad things about the New Kadampa Tradition, but I am not sure if this is infighting amongst the Tibetans.

    A good way to gather info is to Google "Pure Land, Cult" or "Scientology, Cult" and people who have escaped from whatever group will have posted something about it. I personally love, and he has a "cult news" page. But there are plenty of anti-cult pages, there is one that is not legit, because Scientology bought it, but otherwise there is a lot of info out there.

    You wont regret trying Buddhist I need to find a Sangha :)

  • Gyurme Chötso 3 years ago

    You may also join us for meditation practice and classes on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy:

    Bodhicitta Sangha Meditation Center | Heart of Enlightenment Institute
    Spiritual Director: Khenpo Sherab Sangpo (Nyingma)
    Phone: Contact Mary MacEachen at (612) 568-7880
    Address: 3000 West River Parkway, #212, Minneapolis, MN 55406