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Buddhism and Beliefs

B. Alan Wallace
B. Alan Wallace


  • Profile picture of Carol Roach
    Carol Roach 5 years ago

    very interesting I was taught in university that Buddhism was one of the five major religions of the world but it was really more of a philosophy or psychology of living rather than a religion

  • Profile picture of Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson 5 years ago

    I think the philosophical aspect of Buddhism is because it emphasizes a kind of "internal" or "contemplative" science. It requires not just faith but direct experience. Because of this it appears somewhat pragmatic. William James thought it would be a religion of the future because of it's similarity to pragmatism and scientific inquiry.

  • anonymouse 5 years ago

    Opinions are absent in Buddhist practice, so why is this subject of accepting or rejecting anything being brought up. It is only those who do not practice Buddhism that have these balancing acts and opinions about what the Buddha said or didn't say. They usually make a profession of it. :)

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