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Budapest, a great summer destination

Budapest is nothing else, but a blossoming, creative metropolitan city rich in history and culture. The political and administrative center of Hungary is nowadays a big tourist draw and proudly tops the world’s most fascinating cities list.

The sophisticated interior of Four Season Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary
Reka Peti-Peterdi
Reka Peti-Peterdi

One thing sets Budapest apart from the other big Hungarian cities: its scenery. It is located in the very heart of Hungary along the majestic Danube river which elegantly divides the city into two different parts. It winds trough its center. Several beautiful bridges connect hilly Buda with Pest. Buda is the green belt of the city, where people like to walk and hike. Pest is kind of the flat part of the Budapest. It looks more hectic, modern, urbanized and populated.

Budapest is a feast for energetic explorers who can walk for hours to discover the city's many historical treasures. The largest city of Hungary is home to a wide variety of attractions. The treasure of the Danube is blessed to have first rate theaters, elegant hot baths, legendary café houses, countless historical buildings with great interiors, distinctive aromas and last but not least beautiful women. Great Market Hall of the city is a must- see. It is highly recommended to sample spicy or sweet paprika, or have a bowl of authentic Goulash soup here. Goulash is a soup not a stew and it is worth traveling for.

The “Paris of Eastern Europe” is happy to surprise its visitors with many culturally enlightening experiences too. Think of the Szechenyi bath -powered by thermal springs- which is probably one of the capital’s highlights. It is a touristy place where people literally come in all shapes and size. If you want to soak with locals, meet new friends, relax in the hot water or maybe play chest, this is a place for you to be.

Budapest welcomes visitors any time of year. The “tourist season” runs roughly from early May through late September. Budapest is quite touristy in the summer, but it is still very enjoyable. The days are long and warm. Fall hosts many colorful events and festivals. The winter market is spectacular. Plan ahead and travel thoughtfully. Before you go, make sure to check out this FREE online travel guide provided by IMAGE CENTRIC MEDIA:

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