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Bucky Lasek The Ride of Her Life Release

Green Issue Skateboard's professional skateboard superstar/Subaru rally car race driver Bucky Lasek has just starred in the latest Subaru promo commercial. Its a mock seventies movie trailer that Teritino could be proud of. Two minutes and thirty five seconds of awesome with a side of donuts. Bucky has been working hard on his rally career and before you know it, he'll be #1, just like he is in the world of vertical skateboarding! - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

The cast of Bucky Lasek's Subaru WRX Commercial called The Ride of Her Life
The cast of Bucky Lasek's Subaru WRX Commercial called The Ride of Her Life
Still provided by DoubelURXXX Productions
Bucky Lasek's Subaru WRX Commercial
Still provided by DoubleURXXX Productions

Love Him? That boy has girl hair." - Sheriff Daddy The Ride of Her Life Trailer

"It was a trip working with the Hoff and others on this last Subaru promotion. This is just one of the rad things that I have been working on with Subaru." - Bucky Lasek Pro Skateboarder and Rally Car Racer

Official release from Subaru:

Published on Mar 12, 2014
Studio: DoubleURXXX Productions
Starring: Bucky Lasek, Michael Wiles, Kayslee Collins, Jenette Goldstein, Eddie Rice, Jr.

Official Website:

Plot Summary:

A gorgeous young country girl falls in love with a handsome, mysterious drifter and his handsomer and mysteriouser car, igniting a winner-take-all war between him and her overprotective father, the toughest sheriff in the world -- forcing her to choose between the man who raised her and the man with the turbocharged machine to give her...The Ride of Her Life!

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