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Bucky Lasek The Ride of Her Life Release

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Green Issue Skateboard's professional skateboard superstar/Subaru rally car race driver Bucky Lasek has just starred in the latest Subaru promo commercial. Its a mock seventies movie trailer that Teritino could be proud of. Two minutes and thirty five seconds of awesome with a side of donuts. Bucky has been working hard on his rally career and before you know it, he'll be #1, just like he is in the world of vertical skateboarding! - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

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Love Him? That boy has girl hair." - Sheriff Daddy The Ride of Her Life Trailer

"It was a trip working with the Hoff and others on this last Subaru promotion. This is just one of the rad things that I have been working on with Subaru." - Bucky Lasek Pro Skateboarder and Rally Car Racer

Official release from Subaru:

Published on Mar 12, 2014
Studio: DoubleURXXX Productions
Starring: Bucky Lasek, Michael Wiles, Kayslee Collins, Jenette Goldstein, Eddie Rice, Jr.

Official Website:

Plot Summary:

A gorgeous young country girl falls in love with a handsome, mysterious drifter and his handsomer and mysteriouser car, igniting a winner-take-all war between him and her overprotective father, the toughest sheriff in the world -- forcing her to choose between the man who raised her and the man with the turbocharged machine to give her...The Ride of Her Life!


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