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Bucky Lasek, David Hasselhoff, acting and Subaru

Since turning 40 (Still looks 20) vertical skateboarding veteran and uber ripper Bucky Lasek has been on a winning streak. He crushed the 2013 Dew Tour contest series then went on to win the X Games contests in Brazil, Barcelona and Munich. He also notched a his very full belt with a win at the Vans Protec Combi Bowl in Orange County, California.

Bucky Lasek Pro Skateboarder races a  Subaru Rally Car. Here it is before and after!
Bucky Lasek Pro Skateboarder races a Subaru Rally Car. Here it is before and after!
Photo by Tony Bachman
Bucky Lasek's Subaru Rally Car
Photo by Tony Bachman

To add to his streak Bucky's budding rally car racing career has been off to a great start. He drives the Vermont Sport Car for the Subaru Rally Team - GRC. His name in the rally business is getting so big he made an appearance on the Top Gear TV Show(American Version). Bucky is no stranger to the cameras he has been filming skate videos for years. A few of them in front of the lens of award winning documentary maker Stacey Peralta. His acting skills in Tony Hawk's Birdhouse Skateboard's video The End shouldn't be missed. He also had a part in Bam Margera's hit film Haggard. But it seems like he's getting a lot more television gigs that aren't skate related. So what do you do when your about to become the next big thing on the silver screen. Get the best acting coach in town. Bucky chose the legendary/infamous David Hasslehoff and Will Ferrell's Funny or Die captured it all on film. Click here to peep the video. It's all promo for his new Subaru commercial premiering March 13.2014. It's called the Ride of Her Life. Can't wait to see if Buck heeded any of Hasslehoff's advice? - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

"Love Him? That boy has girl hair." - Sheriff Daddy The Ride of Her Life Trailer

"It was a trip working with the Hoff and others on this last Subaru promotion. This is just one of the rad things that I have been working on with Subaru." - Bucky Lasek Pro Skateboarder and Rally Car Racer

Bucky Lasek The End The Birdhouse Skateboards video.

Bucky Lasek The Ride Of Her Life Trailer.

Bucky Lasek acting lessons with David Hasslehoff on Funny or Die.

Bam Margera's Haggard The Movie

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