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Bucky Fuller says, 'Only the impossible happens,' it’s a matter of perspective

"Buckminster Fuller asserts that only the impossible happens.
"Buckminster Fuller asserts that only the impossible happens.
L. Steven Sieden

The first time I heard Buckminster Fuller emphatically state, “Only the impossible happens,” I was dumbfounded. Eventually I realized that this idea was much like a Zen koan, a phrase that is given to students for contemplation. It is not an absolute statement, but, rather, a declaration of possibility designed to open one’s mind.

“Only the impossible happens” is also a call to constantly consider and reconsider our perspective knowing that everything in Universe is continually changing. A seemingly impossible challenge provides us with the best opportunity to grow and learn. From our limited perspective, it appears that the challenge is impossible, however, once one takes a step toward that “impossible” the entire Universe begins to shift in order to make the impossible possible.

In the simple statement, “Only the impossible happens,” Bucky was reminding us that in his experience what he first deemed to be impossible would occur - especially if he took action and moved toward making it happen. Because of this unique perspective, Bucky referred to what most people label “mistakes” as “learning experiences.”

Today, as humankind stands on the brink of many potential challenges that appear impossible, we need to each do are part in making that impossible happen for the benefit of all sentient beings. It’s up to each of us to shift our perspective and take what appear to be risks in order to survive and thrive as individuals and as a species.

May all people find the courage to see the impossible happening.