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Bucky Covington soon to be a father, ready for next phase of life

"American Idol" alum Bucky Covington and fiance Katherine Cook expeting first child
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Bucky Covington will soon be a dad. He and his fiancé Katherine are expecting their first baby, according to a People Magazine report on February 13. Bucky Covington is no longer the young twenty-something who caught country fans’ attention on American Idol. At 36, he’s learned much more about the music business and about life.

After Bucky Covington left American Idol, he was ready to strike fast and make his mark in country music. He did so with two top ten songs and one top twenty song from his very first, self-titled album. After “A Different World,” “It’s Good To Be Us” and the emotional ballad, “I’ll Walk” were a success, it seemed Bucky Covington had indeed set his path in country music.

However, Bucky Covington’s music career took an unexpected turn when his label, Lyric Street Records, closed their doors. Due to the closure, his second album was never released. Bucky did resign with Entertainment One, but his second album “Good Guys”, which didn’t come out until five years after his first, hasn’t gained as much speed. Even so, Bucky Covington is still traveling and singing, and seems settled with his life.

In 2013, he told the Portage Daily Register in Wisconsin that with his album “Good Guys” he finally felt more in control. Since he helped write and produce the album he felt like it was “kind of the turning point” in his career. Bucky Covington was quoted as saying:

Sometimes in this business ... you are putting stuff out that is good, but just ain’t you. ‘Drinking Side of Country’ is definitely where I grabbed the reins.

With an album he’s proud of under his belt, Bucky Covington seems ready for the next phase of life–fatherhood.

Upon news of his fiancé’s pregnancy, Bucky Covington was immediately excited. He told People Magazine that though he wasn’t sure at first what Katherine was trying to tell him when she showed him three separate pregnancy tests, when it sank in, he was on board right away.

And when it comes to parenting, The American Idol alum has already thought things through. He said:

I’m definitely going to be a fun dad, but there’s going to be boundaries.

The couple’s first child is due in the fall of 2014.

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