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Buckminster Fuller says humans are much more than physical beings

"Buckminster Fuller asserts that humans are more than physical beings.
"Buckminster Fuller asserts that humans are more than physical beings.
L. Steven Sieden

Buckminster Fuller would often remind his audiences that they were much more than the sum of the food they ate or the water they drink. He said,

“We are not yesterday’s breakfast. We are eternal patterns that have gathered material elements around us so that we may play in this game of life on planet Earth.”

In other words, each person is a timeless wave pattern of energy that continues well beyond the death of the physical body. This idea is not new. Many religions and philosophies have asserted that people live more than one life here on Earth and that we return carrying karma (simple cause and effect) from all our previous incarnations.

Bucky Fuller felt that this was true, and many people assert that Fuller himself was an incarnation of many past geniuses including Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin. In considering his life, it becomes apparent that he was not just born a “blank slate,” but had a great deal innate wisdom as well as serious challenges to overcome.

If we look deeply enough inside ourselves and the lives of others, we realize that this eternal wave pattern of knowledge and karma holds true for all people. We don’t arrive on Earth without unique gifts and talents, and the “playing of the game of life on planet Earth” is all about recalling those gifts and sharing them with others.

May we all find our true gifts so that we can contribute them to the welfare of all sentient beings.

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